Accessible Occupational Therapy Tools for Parents and Educators

Explore the abilities of children through accessible video and blog-based occupational therapy tools with OT, Cyndi Elliott. With her 20+ years as an Occupational Therapist, Cyndi is able to give you a fresh look at child development through her weekly videos, where she illustrates solutions to common sensory and fine motor roadblocks. All of her solutions are easy-to-implement in your home or in a classroom. Looking to bring Cyndi’s tools to life? Book her for a training at your preschool, school, or other child centered organization where she’ll train parents, foster parents, teachers and related professionals on sensory processing, educate you on how children display their needs, demonstrate ways to increase a child’s independence, provide creative ideas for fostering children’s strengths and abilities and much more. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to take Cyndi home to your kids, check out her “I See ABILITY!™” book, a colorful book that only displays the abilities of children. Curious to know how Cyndi’s OT tools will create a positive affect in your child or student’s life? Head on over to see why people are raving about I See ABILITY!™. Children have so many abilities to show us, why not use those abilities to help them learn? That’s what I See ABILITY!™ is all about!

Latest from the blog

Fine Motor Chalk Activity
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Fun Fine Motor Chalk Activity One of my favorite things about my work of helping groups of teachers is learning about their favorite activities! This is an activity I learned about from a teacher at a local college daycare. It’s so simple and kids love it. It’s like writing... Read More

Toe Walking and Vestibular Development
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Every time I am talking to a crowd and I ask if anyone knows a child that walks on their toes or toe walks, at least one person knows of someone and most seem relieved to know an answer. Toe walking is a sign a child needs vestibular input... Read More

Sensory Bag: what to put in one
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I remember peeling a bowl of grapes, putting them in a covered box with a side hole in it and calling the grapes eyeballs for one of my boy’s school Halloween parties. I had fun watching the kids squirm as they put a hand in the grapes. This is definitely... Read More

Vestibular System and Child Development
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Recently, I have been working with a boy in Early Start, who has Autism. I was called in to see how I could help him as he is just entering our Head Start program. After a short time of observation, I could see he needed assistance in developing his... Read More

Vestibular needs in children
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  This week I am working with a child in one of our local Early Start classrooms. I noticed he would move the top of his body forward when he walked, and his hands and feet would work to catch up to him. His walking posture tipped me off... Read More

Teaching Writing Skills to Preschoolers
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Children are so proud of themselves when they can write their name. It’s a big milestone. They have been writing their name in a certain form through preschool, sometimes for a couple years. Sometimes, they go to kindergarten and they are told to write their name a whole new... Read More