Cyndi Elliot, is the founder of wHOLEhearted, LLC. and the I See ABILITY!™ movement. Through her book, artwork, trainings and speaking engagements, Cyndi supports parents and teachers in seeing children with different abilities are, in fact, beautifully multifaceted and talented. Cyndi’s brother, David, a lovely, naturally gifted man with Down syndrome, is her wisest teacher and muse for starting I See ABILITY!™. Cyndi earned her Occupational Therapy degree from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. She has spent more than 20 years facilitating the abilities of children as a pediatric OT and consultant for Head Start and school systems across the country.

Cyndi is an engaging speaker and presenter. She is never afraid to share the personal stories of her brother and others with different-abilities, who have changed her life. Cyndi’s enthusiasm, honesty and real-life experience inspires others to explore fresh, creative ideas for adopting a more wholehearted approach to teaching by providing tools that are fun, easy to use and children-focused.

If you have the pleasure of working with children and you’re interested in learning more about Cyndi’s wholehearted approach, please contact her by clicking the button below. LETS TALK ABILITY!


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