So What is an Occupational Therapist Anyway?

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What is an Occupational Therapist anyway? I often crack a joke when talking to a group of parents by saying something like, “No I’m not counseling your children their careers.” This a pretty general explanation for a fascinating career! What is occupational therapy (OT)? The word occupation has a broader … Read More

The Guru (G-U-R-U or Gee, You are You)

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It’s a challenge to know where to start with this blog, but as everything else in life, I just have to start. I began writing in 2003, when my former spouse was going through medical tests addressing kidney challenges, which later turned up as kidney failure. I was a young … Read More

What My Brother David Taught Me

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I know, I know,” says my little brother David, as he holds the imaginary microphone, his small hand fisted up to my mouth. When I hear that, I know I will be singing with him for a good while. His enjoyment of music is infectious. His sweet demeanor is contagious. David … Read More

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