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[columnize]I met with a two-year-old boy named Max, who had a lack of feeling in his mouth. He was refusing to eat most foods. He would feed himself, however, he would refuse to be fed. This alone made me realize he needed to feel the texture of the food with his fingers. He didn’t want to eat from a utensil because if he couldn’t feel the food with his fingers to discover its texture, he didn’t know if it would dissolve in his mouth. He also was not receiving or giving kisses. This was upsetting, especially for his mother. She held back her desire for Max to kiss her back, to avoid disturbing him. This also gave me a clue that he needed to have the nerves of his mouth “woken up” to feel the kiss and then learn how to decipher the tactile information.

I assisted Max to gain feeling in his mouth by having his parents massage Max’s face and lips with their fingers and a washcloth. I also provided Max with a massaging teether that helps to alert the nerves of the tactile system. For extra stimulation, I encouraged Max’s parents to brush the inner surfaces of his mouth with a toothbrush.

The good news is within four days, Max initiated his first kiss. He also started eating a greater variety of food and he was even comfortable being fed with utensils. I was happy to help Max learn to awaken feeling in his mouth. I hope my techniques will help Max to gain weight for an upcoming heart surgery. I also am excited to know through my occupational therapy tools, there will be many kisses exchanged between Max and his parents!

I love these rewarding experiences where I can illustrate knowledge of the body to parents, teachers and caregivers, to better help them to understand the actions of their child/student. Really, the ability of this child was to show us what he needed.[/columnize]

There are so many functional tasks within a day that assist a child to learn and grow. I am well aware that teachers, childcare providers and parents are very busy. I work hard at putting assistance into routines already happening within a day.

For the last three years, I worked in small villages in Alaska. I flew by bush plane and visited each village for one or two days before flying onto the next. This provided me a great deal of adventure and special memories. It also taught me how to think quickly, train efficiently, leave simple effective fine motor, and sensory motor activities, as well as provide solutions for the whole class whenever possible. I loved the challenge of using what was available in the setting and making it work for as many children as possible.




  • Are you a teacher, childcare provider or parent looking for inspiration and information on child development?
  • Are you interested in hearing (from an occupational therapist and sibling of a person with special needs) of refreshing ways to support you student/child who has a special need, condition, or disability?
  • Would you like solutions for children who like to move all day?
  • Would you like stay seated solutions for circle time and meal time?
  • Are you looking for concise information on child development in the areas of sensory processing and fine motor skills?
  • Would you like to learn what tasks that are done on a regular basis (functional tasks) that richly support fine motor and visual motor and sensory motor development in children?
  • Do you long for classroom activities that can fit within your lesson plans that also support fine motor and sensory processing needs?
  • Are you asked to provide rich and varied fine motor activities in your classroom or daycare but you are not quite sure what to do beyond coloring, pencil grasp and scissors use?
  • Do you want to know how to expand and add variety to a child’s practice of fine motor goals on a child’s school plan (IFSP or IEP)?
  • Would you like to know more about all the skills needed to work on fine motor activities such as name writing, cutting out shapes and zipping coats etc?[wpanchor id=”#register”]



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Here’s what some folks are saying about Cyndi’s assistance:

“Thank you for being soooo generous with your wealth of knowledge, it has made me a better person with a new way of looking at teaching. I am forever indebted to you…you have taught me so much about celebrating and embracing every single person for who they are and what they have to offer…♥”

“As a parent and a teacher, I generally feel like quick fixes are a myth when it comes to kids. However, like a serendipitous bolt from the blue, Cyndi Elliott helped me with my biggest parenting challenge in an area I never expected, with my 5 year-old fussy eater. Cyndi’s sensory solution was like a myth made reality, because the solution started working right away, and all but solved the eating issue within weeks. She is truly a miracle worker.”

“I recently took part in a 6-hour sensory training provided by Cyndi, and it was very informative. Cyndi did a good job of explaining sensory processing disorders and how they can affect young children. She made everything easy to understand and the other teachers greatly appreciated the way she wove in ideas we could utilize in the classroom for our children that we have sensory concerns about. The best part is always getting tools that we can use in the classroom; Cyndi always makes sure they are fun and attractive for children. I also like how these ideas can be implemented with every child in the classroom, not just one.”

You make me want to go to work tomorrow!”

“Awwwww, I think you need to invent Cyndi vision glasses so everyone would see the world through your eyes!”

“Cyndi’s book ‘I See ABILITY’ contains a powerful message to look beyond the surface to the heart of a child. What this book and Cyndi have taught me is not to be limited by the disability of a child, but to see all the things a child can do!”


Join the I See Ability™ Online Academy!