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Cyndi’s book “I See ABILITY” contains a powerful message to look beyond the surface to the heart of a child. What this book and Cyndi have taught me is not to be limited by the disability of a child, but to see all the things a child can do!

I have learned that we need to change our perspective. As a toddler and preschool teacher, “I see ABILITY” is beautifully laid out and can be used in and outside of the classroom. It is a great tool to be used to help children visually see and learn that all children, no matter the differences, have the same ability to play, love and enjoy the world around them.

It helps children to realize that others may look or act differently, however, all children have something special that they love and are good at. As a teacher, I would use this book to help build self esteem and awareness. To teach children that you are special and ask them what they are good at and love, then celebrate the uniqueness and ability of each child!

ANGELA NICHOLAS, Preschool Director

I recently took part in a full day sensory training provided by Cyndi Elliott. The best part is always getting tools that we can use in the classroom; Cyndi always makes sure they are fun and attractive for children. I also like how these ideas can be implemented with every child in the classroom and not just one.

ROBERTA ASENCI, Lead Child Care Teache

Thank you for being soooo generous with your wealth of knowledge, it has made me a better person with a new way of looking at teaching. I am forever indebted to you…you have taught me so much about celebrating and embracing every single person for who they are and what they have to offer…♥

LONA SALOIS-BOUSHIE, Early Education Teacher

As a parent and a teacher, I generally feel like quick fixes are a myth when it comes to kids. However, like a serendipitous bolt from the blue, Cyndi Elliott helped me with my biggest parenting challenge in an area I never expected, with my 5 year old fussy eater. Cyndi’s sensory solution was like a myth made reality, because the solution started working right away, and all but solved the eating issue within weeks. She is truly a miracle worker.

CATE KOSKEY, Special Education Teacher & Parent